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You have just entered Germany from Ukraine. Many questions about your stay and the circumstances in Germany go along with it. On the following pages we would like to give you an orientation, what you have to do to be allowed to stay in Germany


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This offer is provided to you by LEGAL SMART Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and its partners. We would like to do our part to help you in this difficult time by providing you with information about the legal situation of refugees from Ukraine.

Legal situation

What is the legal situation in Germany? What rights do you have? What benefits can you claim? Do you have to leave the country again? We explain the legal regulations to you very simply


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With our FAQ database we provide you with answers to all your questions. Missing an answer? Just contact us. We will then clarify the circumstances for this question as well and post an answer to your question.



You can also find instructions here on what to do if you need support or want to stay in Germany for a longer period of time


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Please note that you can also seek legal advice and assistance at any time if you need to have your legal situation clarified.


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Berlin provides important information regularly on the official website!

The Federal Ministry also regularly publishes up-to-date information!

And of course you get all the important information simply explained in our FAQ


The legal situation as a war refugee and for permanent residence in Germany is very complex. Please contact a lawyer or the supporting agencies for individual advice, as we can only provide general information on the legal situation in Germany here and this does not replace advice in individual cases.

The most important thing first

How and how long are you allowed to stay in Germany and what do you have to do yourself? What help can you get directly? We explain the most important things in four simple steps.


Even without a visa

You are allowed to enter Germany from Ukraine just exceptionally without a visa if you have been expelled from Ukraine. This applies to both Ukrainian citizens and people of other nationalities who were in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and have fled. This regulation is valid nationwide for the time being until May 23, 2022.


Primary care and accommodation

You can go directly to an arrival center in the city where you arrived. There you will be examined for the Corona virus and then registered. For this you will need your passport or other identification document. Afterwards you will be taken to your accommodation. There you will receive hygiene products, first aid, a room and three meals a day. In the next few days you will receive further information about the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. If you want to stay with private people, you can apply (even before your entry) on unterkunft-ukraine.de stellen. Please note that recently there have also been offers for private accommodation from criminals at the Berlin Central Station, who want to take advantage of the situation of war refugees. Therefore, for private accommodations, please use only the official places with registered accommodations.


Support and supply

As a Ukrainian refugee you are entitled to state support in the form of money for food, clothing, accommodation and medical care if you do not have any money yourself. You must apply for this support at the social welfare office responsible for your current accommodation. Even if you do not have health insurance and have not yet applied for government assistance, you will receive emergency medical assistance. In case of a medical emergency you can go to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance. In Berlin, there are also over 500 medical practices that currently offer free medical and psychological assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

List for free medical treatment for refugees


As a Ukrainian refugee, you can obtain the status of war refugee throughout the EU. This means that you are allowed to stay in Germany legally for one year and are also allowed to work in Germany under eased conditions. After your registration it is possible that you will be forwarded to another federal state in Germany if you do not have any relatives in Berlin. An asylum application is therefore not necessary and is not recommended. Registration is possible in Berlin by appointment.

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